Mum's tribute to the caring son killed in an underpass

Michael Green Credit: ITV Anglia

The mother of Michael Green has issued a statement after four teenagers were found not guilty of all charges in connection with his murder.

The four, who are too young to be named, had been accused of the attack in an underpass at Bretton in Peterborough in May.

Michael's mum says she thinks about her son every day.

The thought that Michael’s life was so cruelly cut short, is very hard to live with. Michael’s death has been a terrible shock to me and to the whole family. I have felt that a part of me has died too, as Michael was such a big part of my life. He was so caring. Since he has been gone, the house has been too quiet. No friends round playing computer games anymore, chatting, laughing, I miss that. I have got used to that quietness now, I have had to. I know Michael won’t be coming back in a physical sense. I will always love Michael. I feel very privileged to have had such a caring, loving and kind son. He had a good heart and a big personality and is missed by many people. He is our angel now, and always will be, for ever.

Michael's mum