Daniel Keatings first tried gymnastics at his local club in Corby in Northamptonshire when he was five. His dad was a kick-boxer and wanted his son to take up the sport, but Daniel was too young. His dad thought gymnastics would be a good alternative to help Daniel build up his flexibility and strength.

Now aged 25, Daniel has been European champion, while just last year he took gold on the pommel horse at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. He trains at Huntingdon Gymnastics Club, along with other top gymnasts like Max Whitlock and Louis Smith.

Daniel is visiting schools in Northamptonshire to try to encourage pupils to share his childhood passion for sport. For his first visit to Windmill Primary in Raunds he had a simple message: That with grit and determination you can reap the rewards.

"As an athlete I like to go into schools and show kids it's not impossible to reach these levels - especially local schools as well. It's great to go into the schools to give them the confidence and the motivation just to try out anything really... If you get them through the door when they're young they can decide if they like it or not really. They don't know if they like a sport unless they try it... You can learn a lot more from when you're a younger age. That fear factor isn't there when you're 16 or 17."

Daniel Keatings - Gymnast

Daniel is an ambassador for the Education Fellowship, which runs nine acadamies in the county. He will visit more of those schools in the coming months, to promote fitness, sport and healthy living.

"For our children it's really important to see real people doing amazing things.

Michelle Ginn - Headteacher, Windmill Primary School in Raunds

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