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Safety warning after 'prank' goes wrong

Hari Falie recovering after a 'prank' that nearly ended in disaster Photo: ITV News Anglia

A 19 year old from Haverhill in Suffolk has been told he was lucky to escape with a fractured spine after a prank involving a home-made ejector seat went wrong.

Hari Farlie was thrown into the air by the contraption which was fitted with an airbag.

"It really hurt. I just had numbness all the way down the bottom of my back. They said I could have been paralysed, like couldn't walk so I'm lucky like. Wouldn't do it again and I wouldn't advise anyone to do it either because it hurts."

– Hari Farlie

His friend Kyle Lyons added

"It went pretty bad, it went wrong. Obviously the bricks were in there to support the air bag, like standing upright but the brick came out as well."

I thought he would probably bruise his coccyx or have quite a few bruises until we got the x- rays and everyone felt a bit guilty."

– Kyle Lyons

Now Suffolk Fire and Rescue service is warning others about how dangerous airbags can be

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