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Norfolk family believe they only survived house fire because they were up feeding their baby

Jimmy was awake at the time of the fire and being fed. Photo: ITV News Anglia

A family from Norfolk who escaped their blazing house believe they only survived because their baby boy was awake at the time and being fed.

Lisa Smith and her partner John and six children were unhurt as fire ripped through their home in Downham Market in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Lisa Smith and her partner John and six children were unhurt. Credit: ITV News Anglia

They've had to be relocated after the flames badly damaged their rented house and spread to two neighbouring properties.

"I was awake feeding him and I smelled smoke and went out onto the landing and looked up.

There's a vent in the ceiling and flames were all coming out of the ceiling so I woke Lisa up and we got the children out."

– John Callaby, Jimmy's dad

30 firefighters from Norfolk and Cambridgeshire were involved in Tuesday's drama. It's believed the fire broke out in a loft.

The fire happened on Tuesday morning. Credit: Rick Taylor

The task of clearing up and rebuilding has begun and all three properties had to be evacuated.

Lisa, John and the children escaped the burning property in just their nightwear.

Having lost so many of their possessions, they're grateful for people who've rallied round.

"The day after we received quite a lot from people donating.

The council's helped, local charities have helped a lot and loads of people we don't even know have helped.

Complete strangers, so it's nice."

– Lisa Smith, Jimmy's mum
The task of clearing up and rebuilding has begun. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The family hope to be able to return to their house in the Spring.

In the meantime they're just grateful to Jimmy for that vital early morning alarm call.