For some children the ride to school can be a drag, but for the Sims family from Hemel Hempstead it is quite the opposite.

Every day 15-year-old Jake, 12-year-old Lewis, Ella, eight, and Harrison who's three, do the school run with their mum Rachel in a replica American police car from the PlayStation game Need for Speed.

The Dodge Avenger has flashing yellow lights, and distinctive stickers. Unlike a real police car, it has no siren. Everywhere the family go, the car gets a lot of attention. People have asked to buy it, others want photographs and Rachel says one man was so busy staring he tripped over some bins.

"I love it I've got to say. I knew it was going to bring a little bit of attention but I didn't know how much attention. I've had people ask me for photographs and knocking on the window asking me about the car."

Rachel Sims

The car was built to promote the video game, but 18 months ago Rachel's partner Simon saw it and bought it. The couple say that because it is black and white, with American markings, you can easily tell that it is not a real British police car. Officers did once pull Rachel over, but having looked at the car they let her drive on.

"I have had the police come and stop us to have a look at it and actually jump in the car to get their photographs taken, and because I had a friend in the back they joked and said 'oh look, we've even got a prisoner in the back of the car'."

Simon Alexander, Rachel's partner

Far from being embarrassed, Rachel's children love the car and say their friends think it is fantastic. 12-year-old Lewis says he cannot wait to be hold enough to take it for a spin himself.

"It's just so much attention. Even when I go to school everyone's like 'your mum's got a really good car, your mum's got a really good car'."

Lewis Sims, Rachel's son

Rachel and Simon only bought it for a bit of fun, but now they say that it is getting so much attention they may start hiring it out for weddings.

Ella and Lewis Sims on the school run Credit: ITV News Anglia

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