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Southend Airshow won't be in Southend

Southend Airshow in 2009 Photo: Matthew Baker/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The Southend Airshow will not be held in Southend this year, because it is too expensive. Organisers hoped to restart the show on the 12th and 13th of September, after the local council scrapped it in 2013 because of costs. It had run for 28 years.

Now the Save the Southend Airshow group say they are having to look for cheaper venues outside the town, as Southend itself it too expensive. They are speaking to local landowners and other councils, and say they hope to find a location within the next few weeks.

"Essentially the main problem is we've had some last minute costings and it just means that the amount of money it would take to pay those sorts of bills would negatively impact the show... It's a tough decision that we didn't really want to have to make but we're just now looking for a venue outside of Southend."

– Tom Curtis - Organiser, Save Southend Airshow

The group say that if the show does go ahead they will have to rename it, perhaps to 'The South Essex Airshow".

They have been working to put the show back on since it was cancelled two years ago, and have secured agreements and sponsorship of more than £100,000. They say they are "100% focused" on finding an affordable venue nearby so that this year's show can go ahead.