Uni develops 'helpful' robot prototype

Prototype robot Credit: ITV News Anglia

Researchers at The University of Hertfordshire have developed robots which could help older people stay living independently in their own homes.

The prototype robots help with a range of household tasks, like opening and closing doors or retrieving items from high cupboards.

A team of nine researchers have spent three years working on the £3.4 million project, which they hope will enable more people to live in their own homes as they grow older.

According to the latest government statistics about 300,000 older people in the UK currently live in care homes.

The robots use 'Care-O-bot® 3' technology, and work in what is called a 'Smart Home' environment. This means that around the house there are sensors, which monitor the person's actions and location so that the robots can respond.

The long-term goal is to trial the robots in real homes, and to find out if they can prolong independent living while protecting people's privacy.