In the heart of the Hertfordshire commuter belt, the new town of Hemel Hempstead is affluent, but not massively so.

The town has neighbourhoods each with a small shopping centre, a pub, and a community centre. Most of these have closed circuit television, as the local council was one of the first to use this method to monitor anti-social behaviour.

The inclusion of villages, such as King’s Langley in the south, makes this constituency a pleasant mix of rural and urban Hertfordshire.

  • Conservative majority in 2010: 13,406

  • Hemel Hempstead is Labour target number 24 on a total list of 66 seats in the Anglia region

  • Labour would need a swing of 15% to win in 2015 and the Lib Dems would need a 14% swing

Home Office Minister Mike Penning has been the MP for Hemel Hempstead since 2005.

The seat was held by Labour's Tony McWalter from 1997 until 2005.

Candidates in 2015

  • Alan Borgars - Green

  • Tony Breslin - Labour

  • Brian Hall - Independent

  • Howard Koch - UKIP

  • Rabi Martins - Liberal Democrats

  • Mike Penning - Conservative


Electorate in 2013


Population in 2011


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