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Battleground Anglia: North Norfolk

North Norfolk was one of four seats the Liberal Democrats won in the Anglia region at the 2010 Election. The majority is nearly 12,000. Photo: ITV News Anglia

North Norfolk was one of four seats the Liberal Democrats won in the Anglia region at the 2010 Election. Their majority is nearly 12,000 making it the party's safest seat in the Anglia region and their sixth safest seat nationally.

North Norfolk stretches along the majority of the Norfolk coastline from Horsey Gap to Holkham taking in the large seaside towns of Sheringham and Cromer. Nearly 20% of the population lives outside these main settlements in numerous rural villages.

The area has a narrow economic structure which is dependent on seasonal tourism, agriculture, hunting and forestry fishing, along with local service provision. Tourism supports a large part of the North Norfolk district workforce during the summer period.

The seat with the smallest population in the Anglia region - 84,645 according to the 2011 Census. 46.7% of the homes in North Norfolk are owned outright - the fifth highest proportion of any seat in England & Wales.

  • Liberal Democrat majority in 2010: 11,626
  • North Norfolk is the safest Lib Dem seat in the Anglia region
  • The Conservatives would need a swing of 12% to win in 2015 and Labour would need a 25% swing
Share of the vote in the North Norfolk constituency at the last General Election. Credit: ITV Anglia

On paper, should be a Conservative seat but relentless campaigning over many years meant Norman Lamb won the seat for the Lib Dem at his third attempt.

He’s now built his majority over three elections and is being talked of as a potential future Lib Dem leader. Mr Lamb is currently the Care Minister in the coalition government.

Labour nearly lost their deposit in 2010 gaining only 5.8% of the vote. North Norfolk was a Labour seat in the 1950s and 60s when the agricultural workers’ vote was strong.

The Conservatives held the constituency from 1970 until 2001 when Norman Lamb took over.

Candidates in 2015

  • Michael Baker - UKIP
  • Denise Burke - Labour
  • Norman Lamb - Liberal Democrat
  • Mike Filgate MacCartney - Green
  • Ann Steward - Conservative
Electorate in 2013
Population in 2011
Population density (people per hectare)

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