Battleground Anglia: Waveney

The Conservatives won the Waveney constituency in Suffolk at the 2010 General Election with a wafer-thin majority of 769 votes. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The most easterly seat in Britain, Waveney is situated in the north-eastern corner of Suffolk. The constituency contains the coastal town of Lowestoft and the market towns of Beccles and Bungay.

Lowestoft is the electoral centre of the constituency, with more than half of the population. Ness Point in the town is the more easterly point in the British Isles.

The local council is run by the Conservatives but without an overall majority. The council area for Waveney is larger than the constituency.

Conservative peer Lord Ashcroft has been conducting opinion polls in marginal constituencies around the country. In the most recent one in Waveney in July 2014, Labour were ahead of the Conservatives by 37% to 28%.

In the poll, the UKIP share of the vote was 22% compared with the actual share of 5% the party won at the 2010 General Election.

  • Conservative majority in 2010: 769

  • Waveney is the third most marginal seat in the Anglia region

  • Labour would need a swing of just 0.8% to win back the seat

  • UKIP are targeting Waveney

This is the most northerly of the Suffolk seats, and is named after the River Waveney, which forms the boundary with Norfolk.

Waveney had traditionally supported fishing, shipbuilding, and engineering industries, now in decline. It is also a base for the maintenance of the offshore oil and gas industries.

Peter Aldous has been the Conservative MP for Waveney since 2010 after he beat Labour's Bob Blizzard. Bob Blizzard held the seat from 1997 until 2010 and is fighting to win it back in 2015.

Former Conservative Cabinet Minister James Prior held the seat from 1959 until 1987.

Click below to watch a report on the Waveney constituency by ITV News Anglia's Suffolk reporter Tanya Mercer

Candidates in 2015

  • Peter Aldous - Conservative

  • Bob Blizzard - Labour

  • Graham Elliott - Green

  • Stephen Gordon - Liberal Democrats

  • Simon Tobin - UKIP


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