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North Norfolk coast is inspiration for new author's debut novel

Tim Clare has just had his first novel published Photo: ITV News Anglia

The creative writing course at the UEA in Norfolk has produced some of the country's best writers - Ian McEwan, Rose Tremain, Tracey Chevalier and more recently Emma Healey.

Well now, a stand-up poet ,Tim Clare, is the latest graduate from there to get his book published.

It's officially out today and what's more he was inspired by the north Norfolk coastline.

Stiffkey in North Norfolk Credit: ITV News Anglia

"What I do is work with words and I try and tell stories and it's the same thing whether you're singing a song, whether you're telling people an anecdote on stage or whether you're writing a book so I don't see them actually as being that different."

– Tim Clare, Author

ITV News Anglia's Natalie Gray went along to meet Tim Clare. Click below to watch her report.