BBC journalist wins in Norwich South

Clive Lewis has won in Norwich South. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The victorious Labour candidate in Norwich South is Clive Lewis, a BBC journalist.

At the declaration he said: "The working people of this city have their voice again - a voice that will champion a living wage, council houses, homes not assets, a public NHS, free education, sustainable well-paid jobs, trade unions and rights to work and a public transport system that puts the public front and centre of everything it does.

"It won't stop there. We need more MPs that will stand up and challenge the powerful and the wealthy, the corporations and the shadowy vested interests that increasingly dominate our democracy.

"We need MPs that will challenge social justice and put paid to a country where the wealthiest families can double their net worth in five years to 547 billion pounds whilst working families in this city lose out by £1,600 a year under the Tory and Lib Dem government."

Victorious for the Liberal Democrats five years ago, Simon Wright was pushed down in to fourth place behind the Conservatives and the Greens. There was no hiding his frustration.

"I'm very disappointed not to be re-elected but it has been a very difficult night for the Liberal Democrats nationally," he admitted.

" Unfortunately, we have paid a heavy political price for going into coalition but ultimately I believe it was the right thing to do.

"The country needed stability that could only be brought by a coalition which the Liberal Democrats have played a fundamentally important part."