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Election 2015: How the political landscape has changed in the East in the last five years

Clive Lewis won the seat in Norwich South, but it was a tough night for his party. Photo: ITV News Anglia

We now know the makeup of the East's political landscape, and the reality is that not a lot has changed.

The Conservatives are still very much the dominant party here, with the sea of blue largely untouched from 2010.

How the landscape looked five years ago. Credit: ITV News Anglia

For the Liberal Democrats though, it's a very different story. They endured a disastrous night, losing three of their four MPs.

How many MPs the Liberal Democrats lost in the East.

Labour claimed two of those seats, but failed to secure a clutch of Tory targets that they needed to gain power.

As for UKIP, they registered more than half a million votes in the East but just one MP in the whole country. That MP was in our region though with Douglas Carswell hanging onto his Clacton seat.

How the landscape looks after today's results. Credit: ITV News Anglia

What has changed?

As we said earlier, not very much to be honest, but there were still some very dramatic shifts that no one predicted.

Sir Bob Russell had held his seat in Colchester for nearly two decades, but he was beaten by the Conservative's Will Quince who claimed a 5,575 majority.

Not many people dared to predict that Sir Bob Russell would lose his seat. Credit: ITV News Anglia

There was unexpected drama in Cambridge too with Julian Huppert losing by the tightest of margins to Labour's Daniel Zeichner.

The pain wasn't over there though. Perhaps less surprisingly Simon Wright lost his seat in Norwich South. That went to Labour candidate Clive Lewis.

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Norman Lamb did manage to hold onto his seat in Norfolk North but it was certainly a sobering night for all those associated with the party.

As for Labour, their biggest disappointment would have been the lack of gains that they made on the Conservatives.

Douglas Carswell held onto his seat in Clacton. Credit: ITV News Anglia

They had targeted seats in the likes of Ipswich, Northampton North and Bedford but none of them materialised.

In fact, they even managed to lose a seat to the tories - The Conservatives winning back Corby which they lost in a by-election two years ago.

Finally, Clacton was blue five years ago but is now very much purple.

Douglas Carswell won the seat in a by-election last year after defecting to UKIP, and he didn't really look under any threat of losing it this time out - claiming a majority of just over 3,000.