Norman Lamb has cooled talk of him becoming the next leader of the Liberal Democrats following Nick Clegg's resignation.

The Lib Dems have had a disastrous night, both nationally and locally, with the number of MPs in the Anglia region now down to one.

Sir Bob Russell (Colchester), Simon Wright (Norwich South) and Jullian Huppert (Cambridge) all lost their seats while Lamb (Norfolk Norfolk) was the only one who was victorious.

Vince Cable, Ed Davey and Danny Alexander were among the other high-profile MPs to be outed across the rest of the country with the party now only holding eight seats.

Norman Lamb recorded a majority of just over 4,000. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Nick Clegg has now tendered his resignation, leading to speculation that Mr Lamb could be in line to replace him.


Norman Lamb's majority in this election.

Despite the rumours, Mr Lamb says that now isn't the time to discuss a potential leadership bid.

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"It's a time now for reflection. I have to think about what's in the interest of the party, how I can best serve the party. I also have to think about my family and the impact it would have on family. I'll take all of these things into account and make the best judgement that I can."

Norman Lamb

Although Mr Lamb managed to hold onto his seat in Norfolk North, he saw his majority dramatically cut.

In 2010, he recorded a majority of 11,626 but on this occasion he managed just over 4,000.

However, on such a chastening night for his party, Mr Lamb said that he was "thrilled" just to hold onto his seat at all and thanked the people of North Norfolk for showing confidence in him.

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