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Parent's rally together after school is vandalised

Windows were smashed on some school buildings Photo: ITV News Anglia

Parents and pupils at a primary school in Norfolk have taken matters into their own hands after the playground was vandalised for a second time.

The head teacher of North Walsham Junior put out an appeal on social media and parents and pupils arrived to lend a hand.

Repairs have been made to the school shed Credit: ITV News Anglia

"If people thought it was good to come back here and destroy it again and destroy little kids' toys, I'd say grow up and get a life."

"I feel quite disgusted that they can just come and think they can destroy our school and play equipment that little kids play with and have fun at lunchtimes"

– Pupils
Children help organise all the school play equipment Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Executive Head teacher Clare Fletcher didn't account for parent and pupil power.

Just hours after the damage was discovered on Saturday afternoon, she'd had dozens of offers to help fix the damage.

Thanks to parents it was all completed ready for school to start again on Monday.

"It was fantastic to come down here, there was a real sense of community. Everyone came down and they really wanted to help, it really made something good out of something bad. It felt lovely,. everybody helped. There was young and old, all mucking in and doing what they could"

– Clare Fletcher, Executive Head teacher of North Walsham Infant and Junior schools

This latest incident is now in the hands of the police.

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