Female cricketer is first to hit a century in men's Two Counties league

Cath Dalton in batting practice. Credit: ITV Anglia

A 22 year old cricketer from Essex has become the first woman to score a century in the men's Two Counties cricket lead.

Cath Dalton, from Chingford, made 100 runs while playing for Halstead CC against Felixstowe at the weekend. She's been with the team for four years and also plays for Middlesex Ladies.

"I've really enjoyed progressing in the men's game. It's definitely a challenge, they bowl a little bit quicker. I think scoring runs means I'm good enough to be in the team. I scored 64 the weekend before so hopefully a few more centuries to come, we'll see what happens"

Cath Dalton, Cricketer

Cath is coached by former Essex player, Ian Pont, who is also her batting partner at Halstead.

"The men are just much more aggressive on a Saturday and you don't expect a girl with a ponytail to come out and start hitting centuries. But to succeed in the men's game on Saturday is incredibly difficult for a female. I think it is significant and as much for her confidence as anything else. It indicates she is there by rights and not because she's female"

Ian Pont, Coach

Having already proved her prowess in both the batting and bowling stakes, Cath is setting her sights on trying to join the England squad