U-QUIP: Essex MP told he's in a backbench rebellion of one

Douglas Carswell: A history maker according to the PM Credit: PA

Essex Ukip MP Douglas Carswell has "made some history because as a party of one he has managed to have a backbench rebellion", the Prime Minister has told MPs.

David Cameron joked it was "something to be admired" as Mr Carswell, who previously defected from the Tories to Ukip, sought to put the Prime Minister on the spot over the issue of Britain's EU membership.

Speaking during Prime Minister's Questions, Mr Carswell said: "At the time of the Bloomberg speech the Prime Minister promised that he would seek the repatriation of power from Brussels. Power he said must float back to the member states. Social and employment law he specifically promised would be returned to Britain. Why is he not even asking for this any more."

Mr Cameron replied:

Well first of all can I welcome him back to this place. He has made some history because as a party of one he has managed to have a backbench rebellion, which is something to be admired. What I've set out in terms of the renegotiation is a whole series of things that need to change. Making sure we deal with the problem of ever closer union. Making sure we deal with the issue of competitiveness, which yes does impinge on some of the issues, under what was called the Social Chapter that have never been acceptable to the UK."

David Cameron

Douglas Carswell shrugged off the quip though posting on Twitter that his party was being heard.