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Peterborough bodybuilding couple in training to become Mr and Miss Universe

A couple from Peterborough are training to become Mr and Ms Universe in the world of bodybuilding.

Rob Reinaldo and his partner Vanda Pessoa originally from Portugal work out three times a day and eat thousands of calories to hone their muscular physiques.

Rob consumes about 4,500 calories a day.

Rob who has already won the amateur title consumes about 4,500 calories a day. That includes eating more than a hundred eggs a week and about a kilogram of meat each day.

Rob and Vanda are originally from Portugal.

I am a very competitive guy, it doesn't matter if it's body building or if it's to play darts - whatever it is I don't like to lose. I like to compete, so you try to be the most symmetrical guy, the most muscly guy and most fun guy on stage. That's what gives you the edge over the other competitors.

– Rob Reinaldo
Vanda Pessoa working out in the gym.

Vanda only needs half the calories Rob eats. She has porridge for breakfast each morning and her other meals are usually meat or fish.

Vanda only needs half the calories Rob eats.

They know not everyone will understand their decision to choose the bodybuilding lifestyle.

Rob and Vanda work out three times a day.

None bodybuilders, they don't live the same lifestyle - so they are obviously going to look at us differently than normal people. So what you have to do is if someone is interested to find out about bodybuilding and the lifestyle we welcome to explain to these people and help them understand why we live this way.

– Rob Reinaldo

I am quite good with negative comments as well as I don't care what other people say. As long as I do what I like to do, I just want to be happy.

– Vanda Pessoa

Sharing a love of pumping iron has clearly helped them to build a strong relationship.