Southwold Pier: A million people can't be wrong

Southwold Pier Credit: ITV Anglia

The quirky world of eccentric engineer Tim Hunkin has helped define Southwold pier as a very individual place.

There are no waltzers or dodgems. Instead laughter bellows out from the under the pier show for a very different type of attraction.

“There’s no gambling, it’s just for fun, just to entertain people which is what I like to do”

Tim Hunkin, Cartoonist and engineer

And where does his inspiration come from?

“Things that go over the top. Hype in the news is always good.”

Tim Hunkin, Cartoonist and engineer

Visitor numbers are reaching almost a million each year and it isn’t unusual to see the same locals gather in their favourite spot every morning.

Rebuilding the pier in 1999 Credit: ITV Anglia

“It’s not like for instance Brighton pier or Southend pier or any of those. This is very old fashioned sort of almost a Victorian pier.”

James Draper

“It’s friendly and it’s got its own character. It’s just a lovely place to be”

Shirley Draper
Southwold Pier under construction Credit: ITV Anglia

Funds are being raised to build a coastal path from the pier to allow people to take in the surrounding landscape and the owners, Gough hotels, who bought the pier in 2013 have plans to add to the structure.

“We are looking to build a 30 bedroom boutique hotel on the shore side of the pier. Planning permission has been granted so we’re just working out the final details so in the next few years we hope to have something brand new on the pier once again.”

Alex Paul, Director, Gough hotels

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