The Belle of the Suffolk coast: Ten facts about Southwold Pier

Southwold Pier started as a landing stage for steamships bringing tourists from London Credit: ITV Anglia
  • The original Southwold pier was 810 feet long and built as a landing stage for the Belle steamships that brought tourists over from London.

  • In 1934 that landing stage was swept away in a violent storm

  • In 1937 a two storey pavilion was built at the shore end complete with concert hall and amusement arcade.

  • A section of the pier was removed during the second world war for fear of an invasion, another part was destroyed by a mine and further damage from storms meant that by the end of the 1970s the pier was only 60 feet long.

  • Work to rebuild it started in 1999. It was a massive task that was completed in 2001.

  • In 2002, a T-shape was re-added to the end of the pier

The Water Clock Credit: ITV Anglia
  • The current length of the pier is 623 feet long

  • There are 940 planks that stretch out to sea.

  • The Water Clock was made in three weeks in 1998 by Tim Hunkin and Will Jackson and designed as a feature about water recycling.

  • Messages for loved ones and memories can be found on plaques around the pier