Northampton ceremony marks 20 years since atrocity

A ceremony in Northampton. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A special ceremony has been held in Northampton to mark 20 years since the atrocities of Srebrenica.

More than 8 thousand Bosnian Muslims were killed in the Bosnian War. The service was held to show support for those affected by the conflict, as well as how people in the town stand up to hatred and intolerance.

Cllr Mary Markham, Leader of Northampton Borough Council, said: "We should remember it everywhere because it's all about creating safer communities irrespective of race, nationality or creed.

"Everyone has a part to play in that and I don't think anyone will ever forget the events that happened 20 years ago, but it's important that we must remember.

"We must all work together to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again in any of our communities."

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