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See what happens when a kestrel flies into a car and gets trapped in the engine grille

A kestrel is recovering after flying into the front of a car on Norfolk. Photo: RSPCA

A kestrel has been rescued after being hit by a sports car in Norfolk and ensnared in the front grille of the engine.

The bird had a lucky escape when it flew into the car while swooping to catch a mouse. It was rescued after the quick-thinking motorist drove slowly to the nearest garage for help in retrieving it.

The RSPCA's Craig Plumley was called after staff at Mick Peake Motors in Whittington near Downham Market discovered the bird of prey completely trapped in the car.

They managed to carefully release the bird and contain him in a box until the RSPCA arrived and took him to a nearby wildlife centre for care.

Garage workers at Mick Peake Motors in Norfolk work to release the kestrel. Credit: RSPCA

“It is very rare that a kestrel gets stuck in a grille like this. It is the first time I have known it happen in the 19 years I have been working at the RSPCA.

“This bird was victim to very unfortunate timing. He got hit by the car at the exact moment it swooped up from catching a mouse. The dead mouse was also found in the car grille.

– Craig Plumley, RSPCA

The RSPCA said the bird of prey didn't break any bones and there was damage only to its tail feathers.

Sue Levings, from East Winch wildlife centre, said: “The bird is making a good recovery. He is receiving treatment for a wound but it is eating well and it seems bright."

The kestrel is expect to be released back into the wild soon.