Dog poo crusader is Hugh Grant's hero

Andrew Hawes plans to hide in bushes to catch the culprits Credit: Andrew Hawes/Facebook

A Suffolk man who's fed up with dog mess has taken to hiding in bushes in camouflage to catch the culprits.

Andrew Hawes, 43, decided to take action after he and fellow residents cleaned up their area in Leiston only for the mess to return within a week.

He now dresses in full camouflage and films any offenders, before passingvideos to the police who can issue fines.

His campaign - which has a Facebook group called Leiston Dog Mess Name and Shame - has even won praise from movie star Hugh Grant, who posted a link to Mr Hawes campaign on Twitter, captioning it simply "My hero."

The actor Hugh Grant says Andrew is his hero Credit: PA

HGV driver Mr Hawes, a married father-of-four, said he was not concerned about his own safety because his camouflage is so good.

"People might think it's a bit strange but all my family and friends think it's great."

The group gives badges to people who do clean up after their pets Credit: Leiston Dog Mess Name and Shame

The group also organises regular patrols to warn dog walkers about the problem and uses temporary paint to write warnings on pavements.