Only 12, but her IQ rating says she's cleverer than Einstein and Stephen Hawking

Nicole Barr has an IQ of 162 Credit: ITV Anglia

A 12-year-old girl from Harlow in Essex has been dubbed more intelligent than Einstein after achieving an IQ score of 162 in a recent test. And she's still only 12.

Nicole Barr is a gypsy and lives in Harlow. Her parents say her intelligence was apparent from an early age. Before the age of two she was able to use simple maths. And she could tackle complex alegebra before the age of ten.

Nicole isn't like many 12-year-olds. Her reading book of choice is Steven Hawking's Brief History of Time. Two weeks ago she took a MENSA test scoring an IQ of 162 - that's two points higher than Einstein and Steven Hawking.

Her favourite subjects in school are maths and drama and now she's teaching herself Mandarin in her spare time. But she has high aspirations and wants to study medicine at Cambridge.

You can watch Serena Sandhu's report about Nicole here