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Summer holiday surge in demand at region's food banks

Sharon Deeming visits her local food bank Photo: ITV Anglia

Food banks in our region are seeing a surge in demand over the summer, as families struggle to afford food for children who usually get free school meals.

It comes as a new survey suggests some parents on low incomes are skipping meals during the summer holidays, so their children can eat.

Single mum of three, Sharon, uses the Kettering Food Bank to help feeding her family - especially during the summer holidays.

It does bring a panic when it comes to summer holidays, because when your children are at school, they're at school all day, you haven't got to entertain them at home, which costs money. They get their free school meals, because when you're on benefits you do get the pupil premium, but when they're in the summer holidays they're at home every day, so they're eating more, they want to go out. In the back of your head you're thinking, oh my goodness, school uniforms, three children, got to kit out for school now. This just really relieves that pressure."

– Sharon Deeming, Mother

Sharon says she skips meals 2-3 times a week during the summer holidays, so her children can eat properly.

"At this present time, I don't have money to go and do a big food shop until Friday. So, as an adult as well, you do tend to go without eating properly yourself, so the kids can eat."

– Sharon Deeming, Mother

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A recent survey suggests a third of parents with a household income of less than £25,000 have skipped a meal so their children can eat during the summer break. You can see the survey here: