Cast and crew work for free on zero-budget Norfolk film

Andy Turner instructs his cast at Holme next the Sea. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A new film is being made using the vast landscapes of the Norfolk countryside as its setting.

The budget for The Guardian is precisely zero and the director, writer and actors are all local and doing it for free.

The director and actor, Andy Turner, said he's relying a lot on goodwill.

"We used a lot of houses by asking the owners who've agreed to let us in," he said. "I used my own house of course and there have been lots of locations which have been really easy to use.|

Friends like rock photographer, Nick Elliott, make cameo appearances.

He said "I've got one line to say so not very much, not very John Hurt. But I'm just glad to be able to take part."

The film is a comedy drama about the afterlife. The recently-deceased Grimley becomes guardian to the hapless Eric. And there has been the odd hiccup along the way.

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