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Road rage killer granted parole hearing

Road rage killer Kenneth Noye has been granted a Parole Board hearing which could see him released from Wayland Prison in Norfolk by the end of the year,

Noye stabbed 21 year old electrician Stephen Cameron to death on the M25 in Kent in 1996.

After going on the run Noye was caught in 1998 and was jailed for life with a minimum tariff of 16 years in 2000.

A spokesman for the Parole Board confirmed that a hearing is currently under way but it is not known when the result will be made public.

Stephen Cameron's father Ken who lives in Suffolk told The Sun:

"We have been in absolute agony over this. They delayed the parole hearing in the spring and we wondered why - then they put it back again. We know he will come out eventually but all this uncertainty has got to us."

– Ken Cameron
Stephen Cameron who was killed in a road rage attack by Kenneth Noye Credit: Press Association

Career criminal Noye had earlier stabbed to death an undercover officer outside his mock Tudor mansion after the Brink's-Mat bullion heist but successfully pleaded self-defence.