Triplets are one in three million

Gurcan and Claire Cerikci with the triplets Credit: ITV Anglia

Triplets Ayaz, Kuzey and Koray are one in three million because Kuzey and Koray are identical twins.

Claire Cerikci had no idea she was expecting three little boys until she went into Broomfield Hospital for a scan.

Ayaz, Kuzey and Koray Credit: ITV News Anglia
The triplets Credit: Shellie Wall Photography

Kurzey and Koray were found to be monochorionic monoamniotic, or 'mono-mono' twins.

A rare condition where two babies share one amniotic sac and one placenta but have two separate umbilical cords.

The odds of conceiving twins naturally are 1 in 80 but add a third sibling to the equation and they increase dramatically... to 1 in 3.2 million. And that surprised their dad...

Credit: ITV News Anglia

Claire had a planned cesarean section at 31 weeks and the boys were all delivered within one minute of each other.

Kuzey and Koray weighed 3lbs 13oz and Ayaz was 4lbs 2oz. After just four weeks they were allowed to go home. Home with Gurcan, Claire and their other three children: 10-year-old Yaren, eight-year-old Kutay and Kaya who is three.

It may be a case of triple trouble judging by the boy's cheeky little grins.But Claire, Gurcan and the rest of the family wouldn't have it any other way.

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