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Miracle teenager returns to school - after he was given just three days to live

Deryn Blackwell Credit: ITV Anglia

Two years ago Deryn Blackwell was in a hospice with just three days to live. Now he's returning to school, having beaten two deadly forms of cancer.

"I actually started preparing my funeral in hospital because I was getting really bad, my hand was really sore and everything was just hurting.. so I started doing that and I even wrote a will and stuff like that on my phone."

– Deryn Blackwell

He defied odds of seven billion by conquering two killer diseases. Deryn was 10 when he was diagnosed with leukaemia. Twelve when a second, more rare and deadly cancer developed called Langerhans Cell Sarcoma.

Four bone marrow transplants followed. When the last seemed to have failed too there came a frantic period of making dreams come true. Messages from celebrities. Hospital visits from the comedian Russell Howard, actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Even a driving experiences with Richard Hammond.

Deryn Blackwell Credit: ITV Anglia

In 2013 his family celebrated Christmas nine days early because doctors said he was on the brink of death. But he's been on to celebrate three more Christmasses.

Most of Deryn's treatment has been at a specialist unit in Bristol - but he's back now at Wayland Academy at Watton in Norfolk where friends didn't expect to see him again.

Deryn will go to Addenbrookes for tests every six months to check that the cancers haven't come back.

In the meantime, he says it's just great to be alive.

Credit: ITV Anglia

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