Are these the most boring men in Britain?

John Potter Credit: Geoff Robinson

A new book's been released called Dull Men of Great Britain - and it features five men from our region.

They are Paul Rabbitts from Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire who travels the country visiting bandstands. He's visited 300 so far.

Anthony Cook from Cottenham in Cambridgeshire has steamrollered his way into the book because of his love of wartime vehicles. The topic tends to really tank at dinner parties.

Anthony Cook Credit: Geoff Robinson

Rob Woodall, from Peterborough has earned a place after becoming the world's leading "trig bagger" - trigs are waist high concrete columns used by mapmakers and surveyors. He's visited over 6,000 so far. At least it gets him out of the house.

Rob Woodall Credit: Geoff Robinson

John Potter from Oundle in Northamptonshire, is in because he spends his time compiling the European Rail Timetable. Someone's gotta do it.

John Potter Credit: Geoff Robinson

76 year old Michael Kennedy from Hunstanton in Norfolk moves rocks for 2 hours everyday to help shore up sea defences. He says it's a better work out than the gym and helps protect Hunstanton's famous red and white stripey cliffs.

Michael Kennedy Credit: ITV Anglia
Every little helps Credit: ITV Anglia