Norwich schoolchildren pilot scheme to put food and farming on the curriculum

Children at Mile Cross Primary School do some weeding at launch of Countryside Classroom scheme Credit: ITV News Anglia

School children in Norwich have swapped classroom for countryside as part of new scheme to put food and farming on the curriculum.

Mile Cross Primary School is the first in our region to sign up to Countryside Classroom, an initiative designed to help schools better educate children about food, farmimg and the natural environment.

Local chefs joined forces with farmers to teach the children a thing or two about where their food comes from. The children took part in a range of activities including cheese making, fruit juicing, bread baking and seed sowing.

It's hoped that by understanding more about where food comes from, children will be better equipped to make healthy decisions about what they eat.

Pupils at Mile Cross Primary learn about fruit and vegetables Credit: ITV News Anglia

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