New-look studio for ITV News Anglia

ITV News Anglia is currently being broadcast from a temporary studio. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Sharp-eyed viewers have noticed something is different about the way ITV News Anglia looks at the moment.

The nightly news programme for the East of England is currently being presented from a temporary studio which is normally a storage warehouse for television equipment.

The reason - the regular studio is being kitted out with a brand-new set to bring ITV News Anglia into line with the rest of the ITV network news.

Click below to watch a time-lapse sequence of the new ITV News Anglia set being constructed

ITV News Anglia presenters Becky Jago and Jonathan Wills take you behind-the-scenes in the old and new studios - click on the video below

About About was on-air from 1960 until 1990. Credit: Anglia Television

Anglia Television has running regional news bulletins since the station joined the ITV network on 27 October 1959. The commercial television service for the East of England came on-air four years after ITV started in London.

The fore-runner of ITV News Anglia was About Anglia which started in 1960 and ran for thirty years.

John Bacon was a familiar face reading Anglia News from the 1960s until the 1990s. Credit: Anglia Television

In 1990 the news service split east and west with separate news bulletins produced for the two halves of the Anglia region.

One programme covers Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk with the other for Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes. Cambridgeshire is covered in both programmes because of transmitter overlap.

Helen McDermott, Rebecca Jones and Richard Futter in the Anglia News studio in 1997. Credit: Anglia Television

The first regional news bulletin on Anglia Television was transmitted at 6.05pm on the first day of broadcasting. It was presented by 'Sandy' Newman Sanders.

When the news magazine programme About Anglia started in May 1960 it was twice weekly but within months was on-air every night of the week. Its first presenter was Dick Joice who went on to front many more Anglia Television programmes over the years.

Long-serving Anglia presenter Graham Bell on the About Anglia set in 1986. Credit: Anglia Television

Among the Anglia reporters and presenter who went on to become famous faces nationally were Chris Kelly, Anne Gregg, Bob Wellings and Judy Finnegan.

Prince Philip and Prince Charles are the members of the Royal Family who have been interviewed in the About Anglia studio while Bob Hope, James Stewart and Neil Armstrong were famous American visitors.

Watch a montage of vintage About Anglia programme titles sequences by clicking below