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Norfolk councillors discuss who will bear the brunt of cuts

Protests outside county hall Credit: ITV Anglia

The first of the region's councils has begun the grim task of working out how to make tens of millions of pounds of cuts and who should bear the brunt of them.

Norfolk has been warned to expect some "unpalatable" changes to public services which come off the back of £245 million of savings already made over the last five years.

Councillors decide who will bear the brunt of the cuts Credit: ITV Anglia

But as protesters gathered outside county hall, councillors revealed they were hoping to avoid some of the worst cuts, including widespread closures of libraries and the axing of several fire stations.

With a reduced Government grant, the county has to find £111million in savings over the next three years.

Councillors grappled with these cuts today; they'll then go out to public consultation.

The worst case scenario was closing almost half the county's libraries. There won't now be closures, but there will be changes.

Several fire stations were earmarked for closure. There'll be consultation on two shutting.

So that these cuts can be avoided, people in Norfolk will be asked whether they're prepared to accept a rise in their council tax of up to 2 per cent which would be the first rise in five years.

The final decision on what Norfolk will do is to be made in February.

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