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Scouts banned from Biggleswade Remembrance Sunday parade

Biggleswade Remembrance Sunday Parade Photo: Youtube
Biggleswade Remembrance Sunday Parade Credit: Youtube

In Biggleswade there's been upset over a decision by the local Royal British Legion to stop children's groups - including Scouts, Guides and Brownies - taking part in the Remembrance Sunday parade.

They've been joining the march for decades but won't this year on November the 8th, apparently because of safety concerns. Parents got a letter from the town council simply saying to assemble in the Square at 10.15am instead.

Thousands watch, and hundreds take part in the annual parade and parents are disappointed at the decision.

Usually the scouts. brownies and other children's groups join the march from Biggleswade train station. This year though they've been asked to wait here in the market square with other members of the public meaning they won't take part in the parade.

Credit: ITV Anglia

"My son has been a scout so he's done the parade and I just think it's crazy. They're always well supervised and it's been going on for years and years so I don't see why it's such an issue."

– Bernie Rolls, mum

"I think it's the lack of communication, I mean had we been informed or everybody sat down and said this is why we're doing it it wouldn't have been so contentious and a point I think."

– Gerry Pope, Biggleswade and District Scouts
Credit: ITV Anglia

The council sent the letter, but the decision was made by the Biggleswade branch of the Royal British Legion.

We couldn't get hold of anyone from the branch today but the council explained that plans to include more military personnel raised concerns there'd be too many people marching to keep the children safe.

As well as fears that unfriendly groups may come to demonstrate, as seen in Luton and other towns at military parades.

"I know the organisers had no ill will towards those who they know are so much a part of the remembrance service. We want young people to go - they've responded in huge numbers with their parents in recent years. They like to be on parade, they like to march. their parents like to see them and I hope for whatever reason there's been changes made this year we can think it through so that next year and beyond we can have the parade that Biggleswade wants to see."

– Alistair Burt, MP North East Bedfordshire, Con

And whatever the differences all involved have one aim - to do the town proud this Remembrance Sunday.

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