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Norwich named and shamed as one of England's most dangerous drinking spots

Norwich came 4th in the list. Photo: PA

Norwich is one of England's most dangerous drinking spots, it's been revealed.

According to figures unveiled by Labour MP Liam Byrne, the city came fourth in a list of 50 worst places across the country for drinkers needing to go to hospital after a night out.

Blackpool was the most dangerous place. Credit: PA

Blackpool, which is famous for its stag parties, topped the list while Stoke and Sunderland were the other places named and shamed in the top three.

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Top 10 most dangerous English drinking spots

  • 1.) Blackpool
  • 2.) Stoke
  • 3.) Sunderland
  • 4.) Norwich
  • 5.) Middlesbrough
  • 6.) Gateshead
  • 7.) Salford
  • 8.) Nottingham
  • 9.) Barrow-in-Furness
  • 10.) South Tyneside

Thousands of clubbers descend on Norwich's Prince of Wales Road every weekend, leading to a heavy police presence.

Thousands of clubblers head to Norwich every weekend. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"Booze abuse costs Britain a staggering £21 billion a year.

These shocking figures expose just where our problem's biggest.

We've got to now make sure councils and health chiefs have proper plans in place to put treatment in reach of drinkers needing help.

No one should suffer with alcohol addiction alone - especially when it's parents with a problem."

– Liam Byrne MP