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First grey seal pups appear on Blakeney Point, the biggest breeding colony in England

Grey seal pup on Blakeney Point. Photo: ITV News Anglia

The first of the grey seal pups of the winter have been born on Blakeney Point in Norfolk, now the biggest breeding ground in Europe.

Last year broke the record for the number of seal pups born at the National Trust beauty spot and this season looks as though it will also produce a bumper batch.

The 2,426 pups born last year on Blakeney Point beat Donna Nook in Lincolnshire and The Farne Islands in Northumberland. It also earned the title of the largest grey seal breeding colony in England.

"Blakeney Point is the prefect place for grey seals to breed. It's a nice soft, smooth, sloping, gentle sandy shore and unlike some places where it's rocky, it's very safe for pups. So there's a high survival rate. And with plenty of food in the North Sea and no natural predators, they keep coming back and the population is increasing"

– Ajay Tegala, Ranger, Blakeney Point

The National Trust recommends that if you want to see the seals you book on a seal boat trip or visit their website for visiting details