Inventor has nuclear bunker built under lawn of his semi-detached home

Colin Furze has Credit: ITV Anglia

ITV News Anglia reporter Matthew Hudson

Time spent with inventor Colin Furze is never dull. He has a mind which looks at things just a little differently from most of the rest of us.

This is, after all, the man who gave us the rocket propelled pram capable of travelling at more than 50mph and bagged himself a world record into the bargain.

So when a TV station offered to build him a nuclear bunker under the lawn of his semi-detached home in Stamford he jumped at the chance.

The bunker was inspired by Sky 1’s “You, Me and the Apocalypse”.

By a happy coincidence it's also something Colin has always dreamed of owning.

The bunker took a couple of months to build from start to finish. Credit: ITV Anglia

The reality, of course, is that Colin now possesses a boys room to be proud of. Somewhere Colin, his friends and family, can hang out in without disturbing anyone. Doubly useful as Colin has recently decided to learn to play the drums.

Colin can access the bunker via hatch in his garden shed. Credit: ITV Anglia

The bunker includes lighting, a kitchen area and toilet. It's accessed via a hatch in his garden shed.

Many of Colin's gadgets have also been installed including his ejector bed which catapults you up in the morning.

Where his quirky mind will lead Colin next is anyone's guess.

Colin keeps his drum kit, play station and computer games in the bunker. Credit: ITV Anglia
Colin says he can make all the noise he wants because he's underground. Credit: ITV Anglia
Many of Colin's gadgets have been installed in the bunker. Credit: ITV Anglia
Colin's bunker includes an ejector bed, which catapults him up in the morning. Credit: ITV Anglia