Thieves strip copper from Northamptonshire church roof

Credit: ITV Anglia

A Northamptonshire church has become the latest in East of England have its roof stripped of copper by thieves.

Since March more than 20 churches in the region have been hit, including at Little Brington near Althorp House.

The Church of St Mary the Virgin in Fawsley, near Daventry fell victim to trend on Friday night.

It could cost up to £65,000 to repair the damage, but insurers will only cover up to £7,500. The remaining funds will have to come from the church and the local community.

Last month Northamptonshire Police held a metal theft conference at Althorp, and said they believe that stolen metal is being shipped abroad to sell.

The British Transport Police said since new laws for scrap metal dealers came in two years ago, cable theft has fallen by 40%, but there were still 471 incidents last year.

The Country Land and Business Association said that with police resources stretched, local people need to take charge.

The view from he Church of St Mary the Virgin in Fawsley. Credit: ITV Anglia

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