Burger King branch to be first UK fast-food outlet to serve alcohol

The Burger King will be the first fast-food outlet in the UK to serve alcohol. Credit: PA.

A Burger King in Suffolk has become the first fast-food outlet in the UK allowed to serve alcohol.

The St Andrew's Street branch in Bury St Edmunds won the licence despite opposition from Suffolk Police.

In an original application to the council they asked for permission to serve drinks seven days a week from 10am till 11pm - that would be 13 of the 15 hours they open each day.

However following concerns from the council’s licensing inspector and police about children's safety and an increased risk of crime and disorder the terms were altered.

The licence was accepted under the following conditions.

  • No alcohol to be sold after 9pm.

  • No alcohol to be taken off the premises.

  • Just one 330ml beer to be sold per 'substantial' meal.

Burger King and their father company CPL Foods limited are also pursuing similar permission in their branches in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Hull and Blackpool.

Whilst the Bury St Edmunds branch is the first in the UK, similar outlets in mainland Europe have been allowed to sell alcohol for sometime time.