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Christmas Shout Outs: 8 December

We have been incredibly moved by the stories of thanks you've been sending in to your loved ones. You can read ITV Anglia's latest Christmas Shouts Outs below.

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Leanne Yallop from Great Yarmouth in Norfolk

“She is the most amazing women in the world. She is 27-years-old and In her young life has had some real tough times.

"She never complains and looks after me and our kid amazingly. We all love her so much.”

– Sent by Colin Yallop

Hans from Stowmarket in Suffolk

“I just want to say a big thank you to my wonderful partner Hans and tell him how much I appreciate everything he has done this year to make my life as comfortable as it is and how I realise how lucky I am to have met such a kind and caring soul.

“Hans and I have been together now for 11 years. He introduced me to his great passion for motorcycling and we spent many happy hours zooming through the countryside.

“In 2010 I was given a diagnosis of MS and Hans has chosen to stand by me and has has been helping me personally in many ways. Without you my life would no longer be sunny and secure.”

– Sent by Glynis Garrald

Cambridgeshire Police

“I would like to give a Christmas Shout Out to my local police force in Cambridgeshire for all that they do to help and protect us members of the public, and for all the help and support that they have given me over the last couple of years, getting me me on track."

– Sent by Kirsty Doherty

Dave Self from Clenchwarton, near King's Lynn, in Norfolk

"He is an amazing dad and an inspiration to our family. Even though he struggles with pain you will never see him back down.

"He never thinks of himself and always helps the people that need it the most. We love you dad!"

– Sent by Amy Self

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