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Christmas Shout Outs: 11 December

Start the weekend off with a smile by reading the latest of ITV Anglia’s Christmas Shout Outs.

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Mary Wilkin from Rushden in Northamptonshire

“I would like to nominate my lovely mum Mary for a Christmas Shout Out. She is 88-years-young, and I want her to know how much I love her

“She has only been out of hospital a few weeks after being rushed in with pneumonia. She is looking forward to 2016, and going to spend time with my brother when she has fully recovered.”

– Sent by Ethel Wilkin

Irene Jesshop from Lowestoft in Suffolk

“My wonderful mum Irene recently celebrated her 94th birthday.

“She worked hard during the Second World War a munitions factory in London, and she's worked hard all her life. She was left a widow when only 42-years-old and brought my sister and me up alone.

“The last couple of years have been hard for her health wise. Has had cancer and two lots of radiotherapy. Has also suffered a major heart attack, has artificial hips and severe arthritis with very limited mobility, but still keeps positive and always cheerful and never moans about her lot. She is supported by wonderful carers.

“She is our rock, in good and bad times, and always supported us in every way. Her sense of humour, positive thinking and outlook keeps her going and told us she is going to make 100 years.

“She is such a wonderful person and a perfect role model. It is now time for us to spoil her.”

– Sent by Marjorie Ing

Bella from Rothwell in Northamptonshire

“Bella, a Springer Spaniel, was stolen on 10 October. Her family, Phillip and Sarah Osborne and their children, are devastated.

“Her supporters, 'Bellas Army', are doing all they can to help try to find her. A Christmas Shout Out for them would be wonderful.”

– Sent by Kim Sherriff and Suzanne Lambert

Peter Smith from Clacton on Sea in Essex

“I would like to say a great big thank you to my husband for looking after me over the last two years after my knee replacement didn’t quite worked out.

“I cannot walk around very much or very far without some pain so use a wheelchair when out and about.

“He has pushed me many miles over these two years including holidays abroad and cruising, but he never complains.

“I would be lost without him, and I know I don't thank him enough. I love him very much”

– Sent by Lynda Smith

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