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Christmas Shout Outs: 16 December

The moving messages you’ve sending your loved ones have certainly been adding to the festive spirit across the East of England.

You can read the latest in ITV Anglia’s Christmas Shout Outs below.

Margaret Dunbobbin from Billericay in Essex

“My mum has always been selfless in helping friends and family when it is needed.

“She has spent many hours caring for my nan and spending time with her in hospital.

“The loves of her live are her grandchildren. She regularly has them to stay with her at weekends, helps with school runs, attends all their concerts, plays and sports matches, and never tires of taking part in anything they want to do .

“Mum has had major surgeries in the last five years. She is in constant pain but never complains, and doesn't let anything stop her from being there for everyone else.

“She is truly a remarkable mum, nanna and friend.”

– Sent by daughter Nicola

Kerry Hale from Lowestoft in Suffolk

"To my beautiful wife, Merry Christmas and thank you for being the amazing woman you are.

“You make me and our four girls very proud.”

– Sent by Martin Hale

Margaret Ford from Kempston in Bedfordshire

“I would like to give a Christmas Shout Out to brilliant wife of 35 year, Margaret, who I met when I was in the RAF.”

– Sent by John Ford

Jack Lee from Colchester in Essex

“My dad is the best. He’s been there to help me and my sister when our mum died of cancer last November, dispite fighting cancer himself.”

– Sent by Amanda Lee

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