Watch: Urban explorer risking his life for extreme photography

Matthew says urban exploring is his 'absolute life'.

He's risked his life many times in the past six years, and caught most of his experiences on camera.

Climbing structures and going inside derelict buildings as part of a craze known as urban exploring.

Matthew Adams' often illegal photo shoots have taken him all over the UK - including some closer to home.

One of his favourites, the old Severalls Hospital site in Colchester.

Severalls Hospital site in Colchester.

A spokesperson for North Essex Partnership which owns the Severalls site said: "It is in a dangerous state of disrepair and is fenced off to protect individuals from harming themselves.

"The trust does not condone activity of this sort and much needed funds are taken from frontline services when we need to repair broken fences."

Matthew wants to make a career out of his extreme photography.

When heights of up to 800 feet are involved - it's no wonder his family are not happy with how he chooses to spend his time.

Last year Matthew was almost paralysed when he fell off scaffolding at the top of a building in London.

Matthew in hospital last year after a stunt went wrong.

Matthew has been arrested for a similar offence in Suffolk but despite the risks involved he says he's determined to make a career out of his extreme photography.