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Police funding set to rise by nearly £11m in the Anglia region

Police funding by the government is set to rise by £11m in the Anglia region in 2016/17. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Archive

The Government says funding of police forces across the Anglia region is set to increase by £10.9m in 2016/17. That's despite a cut in the grant allocated to the police by the Home Office.

The government figures suggest an overall rise of 0.7% in police funding in the Anglia region next year. However the police grant from central government is set to fall by £3.9 million meaning the shortfall will have to be made up from a 2% rise in the police element of council tax bills.

The detailed figures have been released after big cuts in the police were expected in the autumn spending review. But the Liberal Democrats accused the government of a 'shameful U-turn' after the Chancellor George Osborne promised no cuts in the police budget.

On the Home Office funding figures, the biggest rise will go to Essex which will get 1% more funding amounting to £2.5m. Hertfordshire also gets a 1% increase.

The smallest rise will be in Bedfordshire which gets an additional £400,000, a rise of 0.4%. In recent police the Police & Crime Commissioner in the county, Olly Martins, has criticised the lack of police funding.

The government has announced how much more money each police force in the Anglia region will get in 2016/17. Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Archive

Police funding in the Anglia region in 2016/17 assuming a 2% council tax rise

  • Bedfordshire - £100.0 million - up £400,000 (+0.4%)
  • Cambridgeshire - £128.9 million - up £800,000 (+0.6%)
  • Essex - £263.4 million - up £2.5 million (+1.0%)
  • Hertfordshire - £182.9 million - up £1.8 million (+1.0%)
  • Lincolnshire - £109.1 million - up £700,000 (+0.7%)
  • Norfolk - £146.5 million - up £1 million (+0.7%)
  • Northamptonshire - £119.9 million - up £700,000 (+0.6%)
  • Thames Valley - £371.9 million - up £2.2 million (+0.6%)

The Home Office minister and Hertfordshire MP Mike Penning told the House of Commons that police funding would be protected in real terms until 2019/20 with a cash increase nationally of £900 million.

But Mr Penning said police forces still had to make efficiency savings.

"As Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary has set out, there remain further efficiencies to be made from improved and better use of IT, from greater collaboration between forces and with other public services, and from improving workforce productivity.

"Better, more collaborative procurement alone can save the police up to £350m in real terms by 2019/20."

– Mike Penning, Home Office minister
The police grant to forces in the Anglia region will be cut by £3.88 million in 2016/17. Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Archive

The figures for the allocation of police grant have also been released and show that central funding of forces in the Anglia region by the Home Office is set to fall by 0.4% in 2016/17.

It means forces in the Anglia region will see a reduction of £3.88 million in police grant.

The fall nationally is 2.7% and two forces in the Anglia region - Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire - will see small rises in cash terms.

Police grant allocations in the Anglia region in 2016/17

  • Bedfordshire - £68.3 million - down £365,000 (-0.5%)
  • Cambridgeshire - £79.4 million - up £111,000 (+0.1%)
  • Essex - £171.8 million - down £911,000 (-0.5%)
  • Hertfordshire - £118 million - up £61,000 (+0.1%)
  • Lincolnshire - £65.6 million - down £337,000 (-0.5%)
  • Norfolk - £88.3 million - down £453,000 (-0.5%)
  • Northamptonshire - £74 million - down £386,000 (-0.5%)
  • Suffolk - £70.4 million - down £365,000 (-0.5%)
  • Thames Valley - £230.4 million - down £1.2 million (-0.5%)

The Liberal Democrats described the cuts in the police grant as a 'shameful U-turn' by the government.

“Just weeks after George Osborne said he backed the police he has snuck out a cut of £200m. Resources are already stretched.

“This is George Osborne outsourcing his cuts and putting political pressure on PCCs to do his dirty work for him.

– Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrats Home Affairs spokesman

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