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Christmas Shout Outs: 21 December

With just four days to go until the big day, ITV Anglia’s Christmas Shout Outs is almost at an end.

We’ve really enjoyed reading your messages of thanks to the people you’ve made your year special. Have a read of the latest ones below.

Jake and Chloe Banyard from Colchester in Essex

“Jake and Chloe had baby Frankie over 10 weeks ago. He was born with complications and they haven't left his hospital bed since he was born.

“We would just like to say that we are incredibly proud of both Jake, Chloe and of course Frankie!

“All our love Mum and Lois.”

– Sent by Lois Banyard

The Carluccio family from Flitwick in Bedfordshire

“I would like to thank my family for all the love they gave me during my three week stay in hospital with Pancreatitis in July and August.

“My husband Gary, daughters Anna and Amelia, granddaughter Jessica and last but not least my son-in-law Nick, are were all wonderful and I love them with all my heart.

“They spent hours by my side and what ever I wanted I got and even when I got home I wasn’t allowed to lift a finger.

"Thanks to them all I’m well on the way to being fit again. I’m so lucky to have them."

– Sent by Jenny Carluccio

Darryn Fox from Norwich in Norfolk

"I would like to give a Christmas Shout Out to my husband Darryn.

"We had our first baby in June this year and he has been incredible and so supportive.

“He is such a loving husband and a wonderful Daddy to our little boy, Fletcher.

“I want him to know how much we love him.”

– Sent by Sarah Fox

Judy Williams from Ipswich in Suffolk

"I would like to send a Christmas Shout Out to my friend Judy, who has been an absolute angel.

"We had to have one of our dogs put to sleep in August and our other dog Biskit hasn't coped very well when left on his own.

"Judy has had Biskit every weekday morning while I'm at work and at weekends when required.

"I don't know what we, or indeed Biskit, would have done without her."

– Sent by Teresa Chapman

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