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Baby's miraculous recovery after life support machine turned off

Bella Moore-Williams from Clacton was just 18-months-old when she became seriously ill. Photo:

Bella Moore-Williams from Clacton was just 18-months-old when she became seriously ill with an undiagnosed genetic condition. Doctors told the family she wouldn't survive - but she defied all the odds.

Just five months ago she was fighting for her life. Rushed to Colchester hospital after falling ill on a family holiday.

Bella was rushed to Colchester Hospital.

We arrived at about 10 o'clock in the morning, by lunchtime her legs were depressed, so they were doing a test on her legs and her legs weren't moving and then she was slipping in and out of consciousness throughout that afternoon. On the evening, which was the 13th of July, she was ventilated and sent to Addenbrooke's Hospital.

– Francesca Moore-Williams, Bella's mother

Bella was put in intensive care. Doctors thought she may have Biotinidase deficiency.

A rare genetic condition which prevents the body absorbing vital nutrients. Something which occurs in only one in every 60,000 births.

After seven days doctors made the difficult decision to turn off the life support machine.

My whole world had ended, you know, I thought that she was never gonna survive. You just lead by what the doctors think and every doctor in Addenbrooke's hospital was telling us we need to say our goodbye. They offered us the hand and foot prints, the christening by her bedside. But it was just a private moment between me, Lee and Bella.

– Francesca Moore-Williams, Bella's mother

But 20 minutes later she started kicking and screaming, fighting for her life. She'd started responding to treatment.

We were holding her hand and her last breath and all of a sudden, she perks up and she's told everyone she's not ready to go basically and yeah, very surreal to be fair.

– Lee Moore-Williams, Bella's father

The family's now looking forward to a magical Christmas together.

Never in a million years thought we'd be sat here together as a family, counting down the sleeps till Christmas day. We've got all the family coming over, like we always do, we host it here and we can't wait.

– Francesca Moore-Williams, Bella's mother

Santa Claus will, no doubt, be dropping off lots of presents, but baby Bella is the greatest gift of all.

The family have been supported by the charity The Sick Children's Trust.