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Christmas Shout Outs: 23 December

The big day is just around the corner, which means we’ve now reached the end of ITV Anglia’s Christmas Shouts.

Throughout December you’ve been sending in some touching and very personal tributes to the people who think deserve to be recognised.

We’re grateful to for all the stories that you've been sharing with us. You can read the final Shout Outs of 2015 below.

The Keogh family (Hakeem, Tamara, Rhea, Caden and Allanah) from Luton in Bedfordshire

“My amazing children have been through so much these past few years.

“I became very ill and was diagnosed with M.E fybromyalgia and now have severe mobility issues, chronic pain and insomnia.

“They have all been so amazing and all pulled together so fantastically to help me and my eldest daughter Tamara, who is my main carer.

“I really want them to know how amazing they all are. I couldn’t be more proud of them.

“No matter how much excruciating pain I’m in, or how bad my swelling is, they all make life so special.”

“I want to give them the Christmas they deserve. I will do my utmost to fill it with all the love, hugs and fun that we can fit in this very special time of year.”

– Sent by Simone Keogh

Imogen Brooks from Monks Eleigh in Suffolk

"I would like to sent a Christmas Shout Out to my daughter. Her birthday is on Christmas Day and she's going to turn eight.

“Over the past year I have gone back to work after being on maternity leave with her 18-month-old brother.

“She understands when I get tired from taking on extra shifts in order to cover bills, she doesn't complain when I have to say no to days out.

“She is practically perfect in every way. I love her more than cheese!"

– Sent by Kayleigh Brooks

Ady Durrant from Norwich in Norfolk

“A few weeks after this photo (above) of my husband and me was taken in May, I found out I had stage three ovarian cancer.

“It meant having a full hysterectomy at 37 and not ever having children. It was devastating, but I do have two wonderful teenage stepchildren.

“I don't know what I would have done without my husband. He has taken over the daily chores as well as working hard everyday.

“He takes care of me when I'm sick and in pain. Most importantly he is there for a cuddle when I get emotional and down - which is quite often!

“He is my hero and will be forever more.”

– Sent by Julia Durrant

Kieran and Josh Campbell from Milton Keynes

“Our Shout Out is for our two gorgeous twin boys Kieran and Josh.

"Keiran suffers from cerebral palsy and autism. This year he has shown amazing improvement with his communication and independence skills and we are bursting with pride everyday for all he accomplishes.

"Josh is currently doing his mocks exams and by all accounts is right on target, despite helping and assisting where he can with his brother.

"We want him to know the effort and hard work he puts into everything doesn't go unnoticed and we couldn't ask for anything more from him.

“Josh looks out and cares for Kieran more than most brothers would, and they simply adore each other.

“We want them to know how very loved, cherished and admired they are. We couldn't be anymore proud of them both. We are truly privileged to be their parents.”

– Sent by Marlene and James Campbell

Noel Gearing from Ipswich in Suffolk

“I would love a Shout Out for my dad, who brought me up on his own.

“I want him to know how special he is to me and I love him.”

– Sent by Emma Eday

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