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A Norfolk sculptor has driven to Greece and back to deliver a work of art

When the Kanellopoulos Museum in Athens commissioned Mark Reed to make a one-tonne, £20,000, tree sculpture out of steel he soon realised it would be too expensive to post it there. So he decided to deliver it himself on the back of his 1989 VW camper van.

Through France, the Mont Blanc tunnel, Switzerland and Italy to the Greek city.

"I was naive so it was really quite stressful when I look back at it. And if the road got very undulating, especially regular undulations, the tree would start to bounce and all the leaves would start to sing and then you'd have to reduce your speed. So sometimes I did have queues of artics behind me. Especially if there were roadworks, probably going about 20 mph so I don't think they liked me through Europe"

– Mark Reed, Sculptor
Mark at work in his studio. Credit: ITV Anglia.

Mark has been a sculptor for 25 years and currently works out of his studio on the family fruit farm at Ashill, near Watton.

The sculpture made it to Athens safely and Mark got home in time for Christmas. Although he's staying put for the time being after the epic 5000 mile round trip.