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Herts village broadband speed slower than at Everest basecamp

Hertfordshire village has one of the slowest broadband speeds in the UK Photo: ITV News Anglia

A new survey has shown that a village in Hertfordshire has one of the slowest broadband speeds in the country, even slower than the basecamp at Everest.

It would take anyone living in Ashwell days to download a film. But in the same county, Rickmansworth has the fastest broadband speed in the country - there the same film would take just 11 minutes to arrive. who carried out the speed tests, say areas with slow download speeds suffer steady economic decline

"While the number of UK households on the right side of the 'digital divide' is increasing thanks to the continuing rollout of superfast broadband, those left stranded are finding themselves further and further behind - to the detriment of both themselves and their local economies."

– Dan Howdle, Telecoms spokesperson,
  • Miserden, Gloucestershire has slowest in UK at 1.30Mbps
  • Ashwell, Hertfordshire, 1.39Mbps
  • Ulverston, Cumbria 1.45Mbps
  • Gilsland, Cumbria, 1.86Mbps
  • Brent Knoll, Somerset, 1.99 Mbps

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