1. ITV Report

Google launches Streetview of Norfolk and Suffolk long distance walking trails

Google have created a Streetview of the 15 national walking trails in England and Wales including the 97 mile long Peddars Way and Norfolk Coastal Path. Rangers and volunteers borrowed special camera equipment on their backs and walked the trail providing 360 degree views.

'Streetview' camera. Credit: Google.

But some walkers think it will dissuade some people from experiencing the trails themselves.

"I'm not too keen on it, I think you need to get out and actually explore the area. I think walkers in particular like to see it in the moment as you're walking along, You don't get the idea of what it's like on the computers, you don't get the view, it doesn't do it justice. You don't look at your map and walk the trail on your computer, why not just get out and explore the trails, that's what they're there for so you might as well enjoy it"

– Suzy Watson, Norfolk Walking Holidays

The 'trekker' facility will be available from 17th March 2016 for those not able or willing to walk long distance paths.